Safari / by John Murray

So a holiday to Sri Lanka. A holiday that includes a 2 day Safari.

Now normally for wildlife it'd be the Canon 5D mk3 with the Sigma 150-600mm but that is way too much kit to carry on holiday. So left with 1 choice only I toddled off with the Fuji X-T2 and a small range of lenses. The Safari lens would have to be the 50-230mm.

After a hectic week and a half trekking around Sri Lanka our Safari days arrived. We were camping just outside Yala National Park (you're not allowed to camp inside the park).

And then we were off. Bumping along in the back of a jeep, eyes peeled, scanning every inch of what you're passing in the hope of catching  one, or both, of the two prizes: a leopard or an elephant.

Birds? Masses. Monkeys? Loads. Crocodiles? Enough. Mongooses? Plenty

Leopards....hmmm it took a while.

The various jeeps communicate with one another and if a leopard is spotted they rush to the location.

So we got the call. We bombed to a spot only to find a dozen jeeps already there. No action. We waited. Still no action.

Suddenly 11 jeeps dive off down the trail. Our driver doesn't. He waits. He reverses. We wait.

Then, out of the bush, across the path strolls a magnificent leopard. I get in three shots before she disappears into the bush again. Our driver was canny. The other jeeps rushing off actually forced the leopard back to us.

On two more treks out we managed to see 2 more leopards and plenty more wildlife, including those elephants.

My best accessory on the trip? A Manfrotto compact monopod an absolute essential for steadying my shots!

Here are a few from the our jaunt through the jungle.

John M