Back To Nature / by John Murray

Both Pat and I spend most of our photographic lives in town. I've lost count of how many times we have tramped the streets of London capturing architecture, people and the general oddities of city life. But once in a while we do breath the fresher air of the countryside and point our lenses at  the natural rather than the man-made.

I spent an hour or so at Weald Country Park at the weekend. A beautiful venue not too far into the wilds of Essex, Brentwood way.

Beautifully kept and tended with a herd of deer on tap as well as a wonderful lake replete with the normal duck and wild bird population it is well worth a visit. Plenty of green space and (for the kids) a great adventure playground.

Photographically I found the deer absolutely fascinating and spent most of my time there trying to capture them (on 'film' of course!). They are not in the least bit intimidated by visitors and happily wander up to the fence of their large enclosure to see what is going on.

Below are a few of the shots I managed to get before the rain hit. I shall definitely be returning!