London... / by John Murray

When PNJPhotography aren't on assignments we like to get out and shoot for our own pleasure. I've lost count of how many times Pat and I have tramped the streets of London in the sunshine, the rain, the wind looking for those great shots.

London is a photographer's dream venue. Whether you enjoy shooting architecture, people, cityscapes or just those good old tourist sights, it's all there for you.

Although we like to seek out new locations, look round new corners and uncover some of London's hidden gems we invariably end up walking the course of the Thames. Our most trodden route is probably from Westminster Bridge down the Southbank towards Tower Bridge. The views across the Thames along that stretch are wonderful with a wide range of architectural styles on display. With the London Eye, the Merry-Go-Round and the booksellers all on display, plus the odd street artist it's hard not to find something to photograph. Eventually you reach Wren's house and the Millennium Bridge and some cracking view of St Paul's. And of course people. Lots of people :). At the Bridge the choice is to cross or carry on - both choices have their rewards. Crossing the Bridge gives you St Paul's and the City, carry on though and you pass the Globe toreach London Bridge, Borough Market  and beyond, to Tower Bridge.

I defy any enthusiastic photographer to walk that route on any day of the week, regardless of the  weather, and not come back with a card or two full of great images. I can't imagine another City that presents so much diverse photographic opportunity!


London's Domes.jpg