It's February....where did January go...? / by John Murray

One month into 2015. Doesn't time fly? But a positive start to the year for us with a great assignment from nextbike UK to deliver two images for an exhibition stand. One image to represent the City with some London icons in shot and one image to represent 'suburbia'. Each of our shots would, once delivered, have a 'bike station' superimposed upon it by nextbike UK (think Boris Bikes). In order to accommodate this added extra each shot needed a) to be shot at just the right angle and b) to have enough foreground space to allow the stand and some words inserted. 

Pat and I used up a considerable amount of shoe leather in London looking for the ideal city shot. We eventually found it on the south side of the Thames looking across to the City skyline comprising, amongst other skyscrapers, The Gherkin. Once the shot was in the bag (avoiding roaming tourists) we headed to our respective homes to consider the 'suburban' shot.

This second shot needed to mirror exactly the angle and skyline of the first replacing the City skyline with residential houses and the Thames with some greenery. I searched Chingford and Woodford, Pat trawled the highways and byways around and about Bromley. After submitting a couple of ideas to nextbike UK Pat finally hit paydirt with a composite image combining my City foreground plus two separate images from her neighbourhood. The reflection between the two images was perfect and the client loved it. A final piece of manipulation (removing a string of Christmas lights from the City shot) and our work was completed and the customer satisfied.  

We're both looking forward to seeing the finished stand this month and we'll try to get a shot of it on here in due course!